Filmmakers and visual effects artists around the world are using Dover Studios tutorials to learn new skills and advance their careers. Here are just a few of the movies our customers have worked on.


 We love Movies!


Dover Studios was founded by two Canadian filmmakers who share a passion for movies and visual effects.

Back in the days before YouTube and online training even existed, brothers Russell Hazelden and Andrew Hazelden set to work making tutorials and physically shipping them to customers around the world on DVDs.

Those were heady days with dial-up modems, and training for high-end visual effects software like Maya and Shake were hard to find and very expensive to buy.

Well, things have really changed with the invention of YouTube. Now Dover Studios tutorials are once again available to artists around the world, but now you can watch the videos instantly on the Dover Studios YouTube channel!

Filmmakers and visual effects artists have relied on Dover Studios tutorials to help them meet the challenges of learning new skills. Satisfied customers from around the world include students, freelancers, movie studios, advertising agencies, design boutiques, post-production facilities, universities and countless businesses.

Dover Studios tutorials are specifically designed to help artists advance their skills in a way that is flexible, convenient, and affordable. Artists can now learn new techniques and workflows at home, work, or school, right away and at their own pace.


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